photo_Peggy_Foothills.jpgWelcome to my art studio/shop.  I love working with all kinds of natural materials including a variety of feathers, leather, and fur...anything natural that has texture.  I usually throw in a smidgeon of beads to add LIFE and color to my creations.   I love for my work to be UNIQUE, dimensional and very colorful. I use these materials as my palette...instead of paints. Much of my art is Native-American inspired.

You will find all kinds of creations in my shop, including wall hangings, medicine bags, jewelry, hair clips and sometimes even purses and leather clothing.  I enjoy creating beautiful and meaningful things from reused and recycled things, so many of my works are made with reused elements that I find at Thrift stores.  I think Mother Earth plays a very important role in all of our lives and we must do what we can to conserve her valuable resources!


Everything is hand made in my home in historic Golden, Colorado, nestled in the foothills near Denver, where  I live with my teenage daughter and our two recycled (rescued) dogs, Marnie and Lacy.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my shop.  I hope you enjoy my creations, and may my works bring you peace, harmony, and protection!

Check back often for my new creations!  

I also will be quite happy do custom items.

Peggy Lopez
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